Base AgroForestry

Next essential step of a successful realisation of the project Agroforestry will be construction of a base in the town of Kindu on the Lualaba river banks. The base will be a logistic centre for tree nurseries, for wood transportation and processing, and for synchronization of the local development. Building of the base is planned for the end of the year 2013.

Targets of constructing the base are:

  • To build a mechanized, energy-independent wood processing centre as a pilot project in a relatively accessible region connected to local highways; to provide accessible health care for employees and local residents; to establish tree nurseries and replanting of deforested areas.
  • To pre-test and select technologies, machinery and equipment which are suitable for the specific local wood-processing conditions.
  • To design light wooden constructions and a system for building houses and apartment buildings from locally available materials. This includes the selection of manufacturing technology and a housing development system which take into account the unique climatic conditions in Africa.
  • To ensure professional training of local key-experts, who will successfully manage the follow-up centres in other provinces, stressing moral qualities and incorruptibility.
  • To provide accessible health care for employees and local residents.
  • To establish tree nurseries and replanting of deforested areas.
  • To take advantage of renewable energy resources such as:
    1. small hydroelectric power stations to supply the centre and local community with electricity
    2. solar energy for water-heating
    3. biofuels for diesel engines (as well supporting local palm oil production as a source of income for the residents)
  • To determine the optimal sizes of the production buildings, processing areas and types of machinery.
  • In the final stage, to create and test a multifunctional mechanized wood processing model with the ability to be relocated in the outlying Congo regions.

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