Saving the African primeval forests is impossible taking only partial measures. It is necessary to implement complex projects. The essential condition for primeval forests protection and saving the biodiversity is a removal of hunger, poverty alleviation and social improvements. This can be achieved by introducing sustainable forestry and agriculture.

The AgroForestry project idea is based on the belief that the life-abundant tropical forest has a much greater value for humanity than barren arid land.

After a series of meetings with local chiefs, we succeeded in concluding an agreement, and we are now administrators of 17,700 km2 (6834 sq miles) of territory in the province of Maniema in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Here we would like to save over 11,000 km2 (4247 sq miles) of forest, and reforest 5,000 km2 (1930.5 sq miles) of barren savannah.

Economic forest and fertilized soil will be used to ensure a continued food supply for local residents, along with environmental protection. Planting of the forests is always accompanied with fertilization of the soil (Terra-Preta), agricultural development, building of the infrastructure, schools and health facilities and all of that in active cooperation with local residents.

Benefits of the project will affect local residents immediately (increased food production, creation of workplaces, affordable social services), population all over the world gradually and in long-term horizon (restored forest ecosystem services).

Entire Agroforestry project

AgroForestry project.pdf

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