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For 3 USD (2 Euros)/year

  1. You protect 1 tree, which is 156 m2 of the forest
  2. You are protecting the home of endangered animals and plants, and contributing to the improvement of living conditions for local residents.
  3. 156 m2 of the forest keeps 22 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

How we protect the forest

We will provide protection of the endangered rainforest with the implementation of the AgroForestry project, through which 500,000 hectares (5,000 km²) will be forested.

Planting of the forests is always accompanied with fertilization of the soil (Terra-Preta), agricultural development, building of the infrastructure, schools and health facilities and all of that in active cooperation with local residents.

The territory administrated by us will be protected for 10 years. During this time the AgroForestry project will be realized, and then further resources to protect the forest will not be needed.

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