Project AgroForestry

The issue of forest burning needs a complex solution.

Plant 1+1

One tree at home and one in Africa. A nice gift not just for Christmas.

Adopt a tree!

Do you know that only 2 Euro (50 CZK) can save 1 mature tree of a virgin forest.

Make a donation!

We appreciate any support! You can use credit card or bank transfer.



to the website of our international nonprofit organization World’s Green Lungs focused on a protection of endangered African virgin forests.

Members of our organisation are both Czech experts and chiefs of aboriginal pygmy tribes.

We take care of 17 700 km2 (6834 sq miles) large part of Maniema province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There we try to save 11 000 km2 (4247 sq miles) of a virgin forest and to reforest 5 000 km2 (1930.5 sq miles) of an infertile savannah.

The main reason for burning their forest is an effort of aboriginals to gain new agricultural land. We know the local situation and we know we have to offer them better livelihoods and local people must learn new working procedures. Only this way we can set up the foundations of a sustainable development.

Nobody, not only people in Africa, would care for ecology when there is nothing to eat and his or her children are dying of fever.

Legislative prohibition of forest burning is useless. It is never going to be effective, because it does not solve the problem. Hunger and struggling to survive will always be stronger than restrictions.

Our project received support from the government of DRC as well as from Czech ministers of environment.

The virgin forests burn continuously, and they are disappearing forever.



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