Our partners

World's Green Lungs appreciates the support of all of its partners very much. Their help largely contributes to the rescue of African rainforests, and thus to the improvement of the environment not only in Africa, but around the world. Our partners support us in many different ways.

Thank you all partners for their support!

Ministerstvo životního prostředí

The Czech Government has declared the importance of our project several times through the Minister of the Environment, and has given us its patronage.

Relative design

Creates the graphic design of our promotional materials such as brochures, posters, flyers, packaging design, etc...

Český marketing

Is a marketing partner of the "Adopt a Tree"

ND-Webs - Tvorba www stránek a internetových aplikací

Is the author of our main website www.greenlungs.net that we are constantly developing and improving for your. We believe that you will be happy with the result.


Prepars audio-visual materials such as video presentation, clip etc ...

Univerzita J. E. Purkyně

J. E. Purkyně University

Nadace pro rozvoj

ABF - Foundation for the development of architecture and construction


Ing. Jiří Nekovář


Symbiom, s.r.o.


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  • ND-Webs - Tvorba www stránek a internetových aplikací
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