Our story

Mechanical engineer Ing. Frantisek Nekovar was an entrepreneur in Africa since 1985. His long and lasting friendship with the leading representative of Pygmy tribes, Gabriel Salumu wa Balanga, whose uncle worked for Ing. Nekovar in Guinea, led to the administration of the territory of the Pygmy tribes, i.e. a 17,700 km2 (6834 sq miles) area in the province of Maniema DRC.

Ing. Nekovar promised his full personal support so that they accept his proposal and enter onto a path of ecologically sustainable development of their country, in exchange for develpment aid.

Based on this agreement, Ing. Nekovar, along with the representatives of the community of tribes Balanga and Watambolo Nord from the province of Maniema, established the organization "World's Green Lungs (WGL).

Subsequently, in collaboration with the Czech Ministry of the Environment, he started the largest reforestation project in Central Africa called AgroForestry.

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