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The Democratic Republic of Congo is situated in a central Africa. With its area of 2 345 000 km2 (905 410 sq miles) it is one the largest countries on the continent.

There is 40% of African virgin forests in DRC. Congo’s forest is the world’s second largest virgin forest after the Amazon forest.

The main watercourse, called Congo, is the second biggest river in the world, and its riverbanks give a home to Congo’s capital Kinshasa (9.5 million inhabitants).

DRC is rich in deposits of diamantes, copper, gold, cobalt, uranium, tantalum and many others. These resources had become a curse of the country when fights for their controlling led to the bloodiest conflict since the Second World War that has killed millions of innocent civilians.

Currently there is a democratic political system in DRC, what had resulted in liberal elections in 2006.

Democratic Republic of Congo Maniema province
Managed area: 17 700 km2(6834 sq miles)
We protect: 11 000 km2 forrest (4247 sq miles)
Coordinates: 23°45‘ ÷ 26°15‘ E. longitude 1° ÷ 3°45‘ S. latitude

In the RDC there are four geographical regions:

  • Coastal Plain in the west
  • The central basin, formed by lowlands, higlands terrace arranged - the vegetation is characterized by dense equatorial forest
  • plains in the north, northeast and south - the vegetation here is mostly tropical
  • Mountain massif in the east, south and west
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